Rise of the Dragons I: Journey around Egypt

Rise of the Dragons I: Journey around Egypt

April 22, 2015
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Once upon a time there was a group of dragons that believed in a very old legend that says:

In every area around the world, there is an association of dragons that have the spirit of goodness and dream of teaching the young dragons how to become a real dragon through spreading the science and knowledge of their century and changing the whole world into a perfect community where every dragon is professional and creative.

This story inspired the group of dragons as they wanted to be a part of this association. So, they made a decision that they will work hard and help each other till they are qualified to be real trainers and so they did.
As soon as they became real trainers, they took the first step of being a part of the association as they decided to train the young dragons around their land and give them the knowledge and spirit of helping others, without waiting for a return.
Those trainers trained the young dragons, and in turn, those young dragons trained another generation of young dragons, and this cycle continued for more than a decade, until one generation decided to spread that knowledge not only around their land, but around the whole town.
And here we are, leaving the zone of our university to travel on a journey to most universities around Egypt to spread the idea of ACM and the sport of competitive programming, so that they can, one day, be able to participate in the ICPC. And our goal doesn’t only end with that, but also to help them in establishing an official chapter and be a part of the ACM association, so that the science doesn’t disappear with them.


So, wait for us and support us 🙂
Special thanks to Open Source Club student activity that have been helping us during our journey by facilitating the measurements of taking permissions to enter colleges.


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