Local Contest’15

Local Contest’15

September 12, 2015
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Local Contest'16 Poster

Once upon a time,there were three coders who loved dark magic.





They were full of hate against all coders around the world because they always felt that they are the best coders ever. One year they decided to write a piece of code that can make a spell to turn humans into ice creatures so that they transform all the participants in the ICPCogwarts (the place where all great coders from all over the world compete with each other) and no one remains but them. However, their ego blinded them and they made a mistake that made the spell backfired on them and they became a penguin, a white bear and a weddell seal. They tried to reverse the spell but they couldn’t as the only way to do so is to earn the title of “The Best Coders Ever” as they wrote their piece of code.


So, their only chance was to reach the ICPCogwarts and win its contest to earn that title. But, it wasn’t that easy as they must first pass all the contests that qualifies gradually to the ICPC starting from the local contest. That’s why they will participate this year in the local contest. And for their jealousy, they took a vow that if any team is better than them and scores a higher rank, they will abandon the prairie forever and go to live in the North Pole (the Arctic) as they don't deserve to earn that title anymore. And to peeve them, the local contest organizers decided to set the theme of the contest as the North and the South Poles with the creatures living in them.


As problem solvers, it’s your role to prove that you are better coders than them as it’s the only way to stop their evil and not to let them step further more to ICPCogwarts. Only God knows what they can do to the world if they reached it.


So, train hard and remember the following rules:


1- Gather a team of 3 members and pick up a name for the team.

2- Only one of the team members can register in the following link.

3- If you participated in any previous local contest, please register with the same email you used to register before and if it’s not available you can register with a different one.

4- The registration deadline is on Wednesday the 16th of September at 11:59 pm so hurry up!

5- It’s not allowed to change the team members nor the team name so make sure you choose them carefully.

The contest will be held on Thursday the 1st of October at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ain-Shams University.


And finally, be brave and keep in mind that:

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.



And finally here is the Local Contest'15 final Scoreboard ..

Local Contest'15 Scoreboard

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