Level 1 Contest’16

Level 1 Contest’16

January 31, 2016
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Have you ever thought why clowns are making a lot of effort to entertain us?!

We thought about that and started a series of investigations that uncovered their dreadful plan. 

Throughout this time clowns were studying us, how we think, how we react and how we solve problems and now they are using this knowledge to build a titan machine that will help them take over the world. We have known their plan all this time but, back then it wasn't the right time to reveal this secret as you weren’t ready yet, but now after your training is done you can help fight back against the clowns, our mission is over now and your mission is about to start!!

So, do you think that you are skillful and brave enough for this mission? Well, if that's the case, Level 1 Contest‘16 will be held on the 9th of February to pick some of the mighty problem solvers in order to help us  protect our precious planet.

To join Level 1 Contest you have to register here.
The registration deadline is : Thursday 4/2 @11:59 p.m. so, hurry up!”

Can you help us stop their plan and defeat the evil clowns? 

P.S. Their machine gets weaker every time we solve a problem!


acmASCIS .. Think .. Create .. Solve .. Observe!