Hour of Code

Hour of Code

December 7, 2016
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Who among us doesn’t recourse to mobile applications to spend his leisure time or even to escape from studying? Who doesn’t depend on electronic devices nowadays? They are part of our everyday life.

Have you ever thought of the lifecycle of mobile applications, websites and most the of computer programs that you use? Programming?… Exactly! 😀

Programming is part of a field called Computer Science (CS)!

Nowadays, electronic devices have invaded the world, they are involved in every single thing we do, driving a car, making phone calls, cooking… etc, which concludes that CS field is very important, doesn’t it?

Great words! We all believe that CS is very important… Now, what?

An event called Hour of Code is designed to reach tens of millions of students in 180+ countries to broaden the computer science community and demystify “code”. Hour of Code will show you that anybody can start from scratch. You might need some ingredients like mathematics rules, science and most importantly, hard-work.

Our event is targeting schools which will be announced soon.

At last, in this event, we will go through the whole nine yards to learn more about computer science, play some games in addition to many other surprises that will be waiting for you.  

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