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Why Mathematics in CS?

November 18, 2014
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This story is about a young freshman in Computer Sciences who really hated Mathematics.
He was told by a senior that he only needed to survive the first two years, then, he would never have to deal with Mathematics again and could focus on programming…
Fast forward 3 years later, the once freshman is now a graduate but when asked about his greatest regret he replied:


My greatest regret…Is that I never knew Why Mathematics in CS!
I thought Mathematics wasn’t important in CS.. I have never been so wrong in all my life!


Some of you don’t know the importance of Mathematics, how it’s related to Computer Science or if we do really need it ?
The truth is, if you look around, you will find that everything around us is in fact applied Mathematics, like for example:
Video games, Image Processing, Movies, Algorithms and many other applications…
I bet you want to know how are those things even related to Mathematics?
Find out the answer on Wednesday (10/12) @ 5:00 PM in Fahmy Tolba hall, where you will finally know…


acmASCIS .. Spreading Knowledge!

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What’s CS: A Bit’s Life

October 12, 2014
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، أخيرا خلصت امتحانات الثانوية العامة يا “حسين” و هترتاح، اكتب الرغبات بقى
ممم… كل كليات  الهندسة.. تمام
!بعدين اكتب إيه تاني ؟
.إن شاء الله هلحق هندسة، مش مهم بقى.. بس سمعت إن فيه كلية حاسبات و معلومات دي هكتبها و احط كام كلية بعدها و خلاص


*نتيجة التنسيق*

إيه!! جالي حاسبات و معلومات ؟

!و دي بيعملوا فيها إيه أصلا؟

  ؟ Computer Science و يعني إيه
و إيه المواد الي بناخدها فى الكلية دي؟
؟  Software ولا Hardware هو إحنا أصلا شغلنا

!!ده أنا لما قلت لأصحابي قالولي ملهاش شغل وهفتح سايبر فى الآخر

.لما أدخل على جروب الدفعة أشوف الناس بتقول ايه

!والناس كاتبه إنه هيغير فكرتي عن الكلية تماماً What’s CSهممم… فيه ايفينت اسمه
…خلاص هحضره، أهو الواحد مش خسران حاجة


*بعد مرور 3 سنين، و أمام كلية حاسبات و معلومات… وتحديدا أمام شباك شئون الطلبة*

…حسين: الدفعة الجديدة السنة دي كبيرة ما شاء الله

“…صوت أحد الطلبة الجدد: “حاسبات إيه بس دي و الواحد يتخرج منها يشتغل إيه أصلا ولا بي

*ابتسامة خفيفة*

 ..What’s CS  حسين: عايز تعرف إيه هي حاسبات؟ فيه ايفينت اسمه
🙂 هيجاوبك على كل الاسئلة اللي عندك عن الكلية  acmASCIS منظمينه طلبة من

*و تبدأ قصة جديدة مع “حسين” جديد.…*

هنستناكم يوم: الثلاثاء – 14\10\2014
Group 2: الساعة 10:30 فى مدرج فهمي طلبه

Group 1: الساعة 03:30 فى مدرج سعيد عبد الوهاب

😉 لو عايزين تعرفوا إجابة الأسئلة دي 

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AI Hackathon

August 21, 2014
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Have you ever wondered how enemies in video games know your location ? How they follow you and even change their behavior all by themselves ?
I bet you wondered how can non-playing characters make decisions and act on their own ?!


Well…That’s what we call “Artificial Intelligence” or AI for short.


AI is a vast field that’s applied in a lot of things like robotics, computer games and even mobile applications like iPhone’s Siri. It is also the field of the future as it’s the key to solving many problems and making life easier for everyone.


So, what is this course about ? “Artificial Intelligence for Games” or you could consider it as an introduction to AI.
The course will contain several sessions talking about AI and its techniques that are applied in games.


Introduction to AI and Simulator
Graph Theory (BFS, DFS, Dijkstra)
State-space search + A* Algorithm
Practical tricks for A* + LPA* algo.
Real Time Strategy Games + Location-based Information Systems
Decision Making I (Finite State Machine, Fuzzy State Machine)
Decision Making II (Behavior Trees, Case-based Reasoning)
After each session there will be a practical phase where each student will practise on the techniques he/she has learned from the session. Finally there will be a competition between the teams after building their own AI agent which will be tested in a Tanks battle game.
Registration Link: HERE
Registration Deadline: Saturday, 16/8 @11:59 pm
Event Date: Thursday 21/8
Place: Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Ain Shams University


acmASCIS .. Spreading Knowledge!

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