Clean Coding

April 21, 2015
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Judging by the event’s name, you probably guessed what it’s all about, right?
Not exactly!
Let us elaborate; Remember the first project you worked on or maybe your first ever program? What did you think of it the year after? Haven’t you opened one of your previous projects/code before and thought “How dirty is that code ?! How could I even write that?”.
And maybe this whole thing happens again next year, the year after and so on.

That’s because what’s more important than the code itself is how to write it. Writing a clean code is one of the most important skills one should have, specially when you’re working on big projects or in companies.
By now, things should be making a little bit of sense but a few questions remain:
What exactly is “Clean Code”?
Why “Clean Code”?
And most importantly, How to keep your code “Clean”?


Our speaker: Omnia Nour from Amplidata will be answering those questions Tuesday 21/4 @ 5:00 PM in Saeed Abd El Wahab Hall


acmASCIS .. Spreading Knowledge!

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Level 1 Contest’15

February 4, 2015
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Once upon time there was a kid called “Codo”. He loved anime and manga very much. He had always been dreaming of going on an adventure just like them but, he never knew how to do that in reality.,


One day, Codo was surfing the internet and found a very attractive announcement by a non-profit organization called “acmASCIS” saying: “Live the adventure of fantasy and reality together for the first time ever!” and as soon as Codo read this, he suddenly turned into a Super Saiyan with power level over 999999999 and felt very excited to know more about that so, he decided to check out the announcement,


When Codo visited the website, he found that the organization is setting its famous event “Level 1 Contest’15” that takes place every year to qualify trainees from level 1 to level 2 in Junior Programming Training but, this year with a new system that will mix between “fantasy” and “reality” as the event description was saying:


Since past years, people used to live the adventure of reality only as they were just meeting in
one place and competing with each other through a battle of an offline contest
where only persevering competitors made it to the next level.
But, why don’t we double the excitement ?
That’s exactly what we mean by the “fantasy adventure
This year there will be an online contest before the offline one
Is that all ?
To make it even more exciting, we’ve decided to make the online contest  a qualification 
stage in itself, it will qualify to the reality adventure “the offline contestso now, to wake
up to the reality adventure you have to pass the online contest first.
So, are you ready to take the adventure of #Road_To_Level_II ?
Well, join us right away and let your actions speak for you!
Regarding the contests:
Details about the online contest will be posted soon so, stay tuned.
The offline contest will take place on Wednesday the 4th of February @ 08:30 am
One more important thing, for the offline contest you have to register here.
The registration deadline is : Saturday 31/1 @ 06:00 p.m so, hurry up!


And, after Codo read the description he remembered Detective Conan, who never faced a case he couldn’t solve,no matter how hard it seemed, and Hanamichi Sakuragi who never let Kaede Rukawa or any other basketball player be better than him, and as Codo was into the Computer Science field, he promptly decided to join the event and accept the challenge.


Will he succeed ? Well, it depends on remembering the magical key:




acmASCIS .. Think .. Create .. Solve .. Observe!

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Why Mathematics in CS?

November 18, 2014
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This story is about a young freshman in Computer Sciences who really hated Mathematics.
He was told by a senior that he only needed to survive the first two years, then, he would never have to deal with Mathematics again and could focus on programming…
Fast forward 3 years later, the once freshman is now a graduate but when asked about his greatest regret he replied:


My greatest regret…Is that I never knew Why Mathematics in CS!
I thought Mathematics wasn’t important in CS.. I have never been so wrong in all my life!


Some of you don’t know the importance of Mathematics, how it’s related to Computer Science or if we do really need it ?
The truth is, if you look around, you will find that everything around us is in fact applied Mathematics, like for example:
Video games, Image Processing, Movies, Algorithms and many other applications…
I bet you want to know how are those things even related to Mathematics?
Find out the answer on Wednesday (10/12) @ 5:00 PM in Fahmy Tolba hall, where you will finally know…


acmASCIS .. Spreading Knowledge!

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Level 1 Training ’15

October 20, 2014
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فى ساحة… يتبارز فيها المحاربون من كل انحاء العالم… سلاحهم لا يوجد له مثيل، سلاحهم لا يقهر!… كلٌ جاء ليثبت أنه الأفضل، أنه مختلف عن سائر الناس…لكل منهم غاية… البعض يريد المجد… البعض يريد اثبات نفسه… قد تبدو لك بعيدة المنال لكنها أقرب مما تتخيل

ما هي؟
أنها الـ
World Finals !

..حيث سلاحك عقلك ! و ارادتك و تدريبك… حلم يمكن الوصول إليه ولكن طريقه ليس بالسهل
إن أردت أن تصل فبداية رحلتك هي ال
Junior Training
!البداية للجميع و الاستمرار للأقوياء
هل أنت منهم ؟

.Level 1 Training ينتهي “حسين” من قراءة الاعلان المعلق على أحد حوائط الكلية مسرعاً إلى أقرب لابتوب  ليسجل فى
من هنا

 من هناCodeforcesبعد أن شاهد كيف يسجل على موقع ال
و تستمر Level 1 Training Session حيث تبدأ رحلة “حسين” نحو هدفه من يوم الإثنين27/10 أول


كل إثنين الساعة 4 مـساءً
فى مدرج: سعيد عبد الوهاب Bio + G1
فى مدرج: فهمي طلبه  SW + G2

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What’s CS: A Bit’s Life

October 12, 2014
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، أخيرا خلصت امتحانات الثانوية العامة يا “حسين” و هترتاح، اكتب الرغبات بقى
ممم… كل كليات  الهندسة.. تمام
!بعدين اكتب إيه تاني ؟
.إن شاء الله هلحق هندسة، مش مهم بقى.. بس سمعت إن فيه كلية حاسبات و معلومات دي هكتبها و احط كام كلية بعدها و خلاص


*نتيجة التنسيق*

إيه!! جالي حاسبات و معلومات ؟

!و دي بيعملوا فيها إيه أصلا؟

  ؟ Computer Science و يعني إيه
و إيه المواد الي بناخدها فى الكلية دي؟
؟  Software ولا Hardware هو إحنا أصلا شغلنا

!!ده أنا لما قلت لأصحابي قالولي ملهاش شغل وهفتح سايبر فى الآخر

.لما أدخل على جروب الدفعة أشوف الناس بتقول ايه

!والناس كاتبه إنه هيغير فكرتي عن الكلية تماماً What’s CSهممم… فيه ايفينت اسمه
…خلاص هحضره، أهو الواحد مش خسران حاجة


*بعد مرور 3 سنين، و أمام كلية حاسبات و معلومات… وتحديدا أمام شباك شئون الطلبة*

…حسين: الدفعة الجديدة السنة دي كبيرة ما شاء الله

“…صوت أحد الطلبة الجدد: “حاسبات إيه بس دي و الواحد يتخرج منها يشتغل إيه أصلا ولا بي

*ابتسامة خفيفة*

 ..What’s CS  حسين: عايز تعرف إيه هي حاسبات؟ فيه ايفينت اسمه
🙂 هيجاوبك على كل الاسئلة اللي عندك عن الكلية  acmASCIS منظمينه طلبة من

*و تبدأ قصة جديدة مع “حسين” جديد.…*

هنستناكم يوم: الثلاثاء – 14\10\2014
Group 2: الساعة 10:30 فى مدرج فهمي طلبه

Group 1: الساعة 03:30 فى مدرج سعيد عبد الوهاب

😉 لو عايزين تعرفوا إجابة الأسئلة دي 

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