Rise of the Dragons II: Journey around Egypt

December 18, 2015
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Rise Of The Dragons II


Previously on “Rise of the Dragons I


It has been a year ever since the beginning of their journey to spread knowledge, their quest to form an official ACM chapter in El-Mansoura university was a great success! 
As the dragons sat down, reminiscing about their past adventure, a question arose in their minds, what will be the destination of the next one? their next mission to spread knowledge, to tell the world about the importance of problem solving and the great arena that is the ICPC!
Suddenly, one of the dragons yelled “MUST!”
The dragons looked at each other and with eyes full of determination, they began preparing for a new quest, for once more they fly towards a new place, aiming to fulfill the wishes of their ancestors and conquering the enemy that is ignorance.
People of the MUST, we will be waiting for you on Thursday the 17th of Dec @ 11:00 a.m. in 117 Hall to tell you tales about the world of competitive programming, the ICPC and hopefully, the way to open your own ACM chapter…
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