Once upon a time there was a boy called “Mohamed“, he was a student at FCIS. Rumor has it that this is one of the most difficult colleges ever. He was scared, helpless, and there was nothing he could do about it. To make matters worse, he started to have nightmares that we told you […]
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  "إن ما حدث لا يصدقه عقل! ما رأيته تلك الليلة، كنت أقف في مناوبة الحراسة ببوابات المتحف و إذ فجأةً، وجدت مخطوطة ملقاة على الأرض بجانب باب المتحف، لم أستطع كبح فضولي،  ففتحتها وقرأت ما فيها : "عندما ينسى العالم معلمونا، سيستيقظ ابن بطوطة بعد أن تقرأ المخطوطة ليبحث عنهم  وعن آلاتهم المفقودة، ليذكر […]
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  Life goes on as a story, a chapter followed by another, but is your story good enough? Is it worth it? You know your life's worth living when you find the difference you made in someone else's story. And here we are, giving the opportunity  for whoever wills to join the acmASCIS community to […]
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  Have you ever thought why clowns are making a lot of effort to entertain us?! We thought about that and started a series of investigations that uncovered their dreadful plan.  Throughout this time clowns were studying us, how we think, how we react and how we solve problems and now they are using this […]
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  Previously on “Rise of the Dragons I”   It has been a year ever since the beginning of their journey to spread knowledge, their quest to form an official ACM chapter in El-Mansoura university was a great success!  As the dragons sat down, reminiscing about their past adventure, a question arose in their minds, […]
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  •   WHAT IS ACM?

    ACM stands from Association for Computing Machinery. ACM is widely recognized as the premier membership organization for computing professionals, delivering resources that advance computing as a science and a profession; enable professional development; and promote policies and research that benefit society.


    It is Ain Shams University’s student chapter supported by the ACM organization-the world’s largest educational and scientific society-. acmASCIS is a nonprofit organization managed by a group of computer science students from different academic years.

      What is the Target?

    Our target is increasing the beginner students skills through the training levels, and also making multiple sessions for spreading technical and non-technical knowledge.
  • Latest Training News


    Level 1 Training ’15

    October 20, 2014
    فى ساحة… يتبارز فيها المحاربون من كل ا

    Senior training ’14

    March 29, 2014
    And now the selection phase is over .. So it’s Senior Training time and i

    Level 2 Training ’14

    March 26, 2014
    First of all you all have to know that what you have learnt in level 1 will
  • Latest Contests News


    Level 1 Contest’16

      Have you ever thought why clowns are making a lot of effort to entertain
    Local Contest'16 Cover

    Local Contest’15

      Once upon a time,there were three coders who loved dark magic.     htt
    Level 2 Contest

    Level 2 Contest’15

    Level 2 Contest   Well, hello there! Hoping you’re having a wonderful va